Why Should You Replace Your Roof?

A solid, strong roofing system can be a worthwhile investment in your residential or commercial property. It is vital to make roof renovations every now and again. Renovating your roof can be as simple as a few repairs to the surface or as extensive as a complete replacement. In some cases, however, a simple roof restoration by a licensed roofing professional might be enough to restore your roof to its former glory. A “layover” is a method of replacing an existing roof with a new one. Our team of experts at HD roofing has some great tips for recovering your Florida roof.


If you choose to repair your roof, you’ll be able to budget for lower expenses than if you were replacing the entire roof. The cost of a replacement roof will be more expensive than standard roofing services because it requires more roofing materials and labor. A roof replacement will require that the roof is removed from the property. This can add to the renovation budget’s cost. If your roof has a long life expectancy, you may not have to replace it. A roof recovery could be a cost-effective option depending on how durable and long-lasting your roof is.


A professional roofing company can help you if time is tight. The completion time for residential and commercial roofs will vary depending on their size and condition. Although a timeline cannot be established until professional roofers assess your roof, complete roof recovery will be completed quickly before any reroofing project.


Roof recovery can extend the life expectancy of your roof while protecting it from the elements. Your roof will be strong enough to withstand the unpredictable weather patterns in Florida by having a reinforced membrane applied.

This article was written by a roofing and solar installation specialist at HD Roofing & Construction. At HD Roofing & Construction, our roofing team is the heart of the company, and we are proud to have a highly-trained, professional team. If you need a roof over your head, we’ve got you covered. We offer roof repair in Lakeland FL and home improvement services, including roof replacement and repairs, emergency tarps, home restoration, and solar!

By Kenneth Sanabria
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