What are PVC folding doors?

Want to make your entrance worthy? Or if you are looking for doors that are attractive, durable, and will be a real feature within the home, you can’t ignore PVC folding doors. If you’re not sure exactly what they are, this blog will make it easier for you.

PVC folding doors are Feasible

Some people have concerns about security especially in the case of PVC folding doors and whether PVC folding doors let cold enter the house. These concerns are very valid as in countries where the weather is cold people are going to double-check the quality of these polyvinyl folding doors before installing it.

Our high-quality well fitted PVC folding doors won’t let the external temperature in the house. Plus usually, these folding doors have a traffic door which, can be used during the colder months as a standard door.

There are professionals who tend to make products that not only make your interior beautiful but also the exterior. With a variety of products, they provide the perfect fit that can complement well with any type of décor. There isa wide range of PVC folding doors for you to select from.

  1. PVC folding doors are made from a rigid form of the plastic. 
  2. These doors are made of two or more panels, the exact number of panels will depend on how large the span of the door opening is and the strength of the track system that the door operates on. 
  3. They are popularly used between living areas and outdoor areas to create one big entertaining area.
  4. The entire door may be made from PVC, or it may be a PVC frame that holds glass panels in place. 
  5. The glazing can be single, triple or even double. 
  6. The PVC folding doors, so named because it is made up of sections or panels that fold against each other when the door is opened. 
  7. Fully opened, the panels are folded to one or both sides, leaving a spacious opening. 
  8. The most popular example of PVC folding doors is a bi-fold door.

Advantages of PVC folding doors

PVC folding doors are a great choice for several reasons.  Firstly, the fact PVC is used in their manufacture means that the doors will be practically maintenance-free, all you must do is give them a very quick clean occasionally! 

You do not have to paint, seal, or do any other maintenance.

PVC folding doors are fire and weather resistant and they stand up well to all conditions. 

One big reason that attracts people to using PVC folding doors in general is how energy efficient they are! 

They are more efficient than wooden door frames and up to three times as efficient as aluminum frames. 

Double glazing also often comes as standard with PVC folding doors and thus you have doors that look great but won’t let the heat in or out, depending on the season.  PVC folding doors are also completely recyclable.

By Daniel Stark
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