Understanding Your Granite –Honed Vs. Polished 

Picking granite countertops involves making multiple decisions. This includes the color, edges, and finishes. The granite’s finish can significantly change how the stone looks and the overall appearance of your space. The kind of look your granite has depends on where the finishing process stops. There are two types- honed and polished. 

A honed granite finish is a satin or matte look. On the other hand, polished granite makes the surface glossy and reflective. If you are shopping for Casa Granite countertops, you should be educated about all your options to make an informed decision. Read along to find the details and which one makes the right choice for your house. 

What is polished granite?

As the name suggests, polished granite is polished and thus has a very shiny surface. It beautifully displays the colors of the granite as well as the character of the stone. The surface is completely smooth and slippery. It gives off a glossy shine and makes the granite’s colors and patterns appear more vibrant. 

Polished granite is basically coated granite. This coat is to protect the stone and countertop from easy stains. If you spill something on the counter, it does not take more than a wipe to clean it, thanks to the slippery, smooth surface. 

However, since the surface is highly smooth, the scratches and marks are much more visible. It is also not a good flooring idea due to the risk of slipping and falling. 

What is honed granite?

Honed granite is basically the opposite of polished granite. It does not have any shine, maybe a little bit. It gives off a matte or satin look. Honed granite countertops are also a classy and elegant option. 

Technically, all granite needs to undergo polishing after it is extracted from the earth. The only difference is that honed granite does not go through much processing. However, both finishes are smooth and plain to the touch. 

On the contrary, honed granite gets less easily scratched, and even when it does, the scratches are not easily visible. However, since the countertop is not sealed, they are much more prone to stains. So, clean up any spills quickly before they leave their color permanently. 

Which is the best?

There is no best granite. Both honed and polished granite have different characteristics, advantages, and downsides. Polished ones are good for kitchen countertops, while matte ones may be a better choice for flooring. With proper maintenance, both types can last for a long time. 

By Erick Johns
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