The Pros And Cons Of Soundproofing Wallpapers For Your Apartment Or Condo

Disturbance in the form of sound can be troubling and difficult to deal with. Many apartment residents complain about sound disturbances. An effective way to deal with such disturbances can be related to soundproofing wallpapers. Soundproofing wallpapers can eliminate sound trouble from above or outside your apartment. 

Soundproofing can also help trap the sound of your room without letting it out. You can consult a condo soundproofing expert to understand how soundproofing can help you block disturbances coming from the outside and contain the sound of your room. Before employing soundproofing your apartment or condo, you should know the latter’s benefits, as mentioned below. 

Expected benefits of soundproofing for an apartment or condo: 

  1. It can be easy to install 

Many assume soundproofing involves breaking down a wall and installing materials to prevent sound. However, that is not the case with soundproofing. Soundproofing wallpapers can be easier to install. These wallpapers do not involve breaking down the wall or adding multiple materials. You will only need to put up the wallpaper to prevent the sound. 

  1. Soundproofing wallpapers can be cost-effective. 

Soundproofing wallpaper can be an affordable option for blocking sound. These wallpapers can be cheaper when compared to other soundproofing materials. If you have ample space and want to soundproof it but do not want to spend more, consider soundproofing wallpapers. 

  1. You can find several designs with soundproofing wallpapers. 

The soundproof wallpaper market is continuously expanding. As a result, manufacturers are adding several new designs to maintain a steady pace with the fashion trends. You should consider soundproofing wallpapers if you need variety. However, you will not find such variety with soundproofing materials. 

Cons of soundproofing wallpapers: 

  1. Soundproofing wallpapers do not precisely soundproof.

Soundproofing wallpapers can reduce sound disturbance. However, soundproofing wallpapers cannot reduce sound disturbance as effectively as soundproofing materials. Soundproofing materials add multiple layers of materials or mass within an apartment or condo, which wallpapers fail to do. 

  1. Soundproofing wallpapers cannot be as durable as soundproofing materials.

You can reduce sound disturbance by installing soundproofing wallpapers. However, the longevity of such wallpapers cannot be trusted. These wallpapers only last for a few years. On the other hand, soundproofing materials can provide more longevity and durability. It will help if you cover all the corners when installing soundproofing wallpaper. 

  1. It cannot be a practical choice in some rooms. 

Some apartments have multiple rooms, out of which one room can become humid with climate and the other cold. In such cases, wallpapers will not be able to withstand harsh climate conditions. Wallpapers in damp rooms may start peeling and come off eventually. 

By Clare Louise
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