Signs You May Have A Pest Problem 

House hunting is already a stressful task. Imagine that you have been looking for a new home to buy for months, and you have finally found something of your likeness. You move into your new house, and the worst happens: you see pests. There is no worse way to start a new beginning than with stinky, dirty pests. 

You may hear odd noises at night or find sticky, greasy droppings on your kitchen floor. The signs are plenty, and you must know how to identify them. If you have a pest problem in your house, it is essential to find a solution. Call pest services in San Antonio today. 

Signs you may have a pest problem. 

  1. Droppings. 

Small droppings of pests are one of the first signs of pest infestation. These droppings are not easy to identify, especially when you are not a professional in such tasks. Sometimes these may appear as clumps of dirt, and you may not think much of them. Other times, they may get dried up and break into smaller parts, making them even more difficult to identify as droppings. 

  1. Dead bugs indoors. 

One trick to check for bugs in the house is checking for dead bugs. There are certain places where dead bugs are likely to rest, such as the window ledges and the basement. When looking for a new house, be sure to check these places to know whether the area has a pest problem. If there are many bugs of the same type, it is probably an infestation. 

  1. Footprints. 

Footprints are an obvious sign that outsiders have invaded a house. Footprints are often present in areas from where rats and mice come in and go out. Sometimes there may be lesser marks of footprints and more of a smear. This happens when the pests track in and out a lot and footprints change into smears. This is definitely an indication of an infestation. 

  1. Grease and dirt buildup. 

Rats, mice, and many other types of pests tend to follow a specific route to travel in enclosed spaces. The route they all use is left with a sticky and greasy residue. You may have often seen rats scurry up and down the walls and leave behind smear marks. Cockroaches also leave behind such residues, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. 

If you have an infestation in the house, one of the major signs is grease and smear marks. These are mostly present in corners and easy-to-hide places. 

By Barbara Bell
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