Rodent Infestations: Understanding Why Rodents Take Up Residence in Your Home

Rodents are known for their sharp teeth they use to chew and long tails. They usually hide in crevices and burrows. Rodents have different habitats and lifestyles; however, they often feed on human food. Rodents that usually invade homes include rats and mice. They are a nuisance once they are inside your house. Also, they spread diseases and damage your house. Read on to learn more about how rodents enter your house and how to handle an infestation. 

Why Rodents May Move into Your House

Rodents invade houses for a lot of reasons. First, they enter your house to find sources of food and water they need to survive. Also, they look for a dry, warm place where they can stay and sleep. Rodents are drawn to the smell of freshly killed prey. Even if they smell this from afar, they can travel some distance. In fact, they can follow the trail of dead rodents through yards, storm drains, and sewers. If there are already too many rodents in an area, some of them will look for another shelter, which can be your house. Lastly, rodents move to find a place to hibernate in the winter.

 How Rodents Enter Your House

Often, rodents get into houses through cracks and holes. They can easily squeeze through gaps in sidewalks and brick walls as well as spacing around a home’s foundation. Also, rats can get into your house through the sewer system even if the pipe has a metal cover. Even if there is no visible damage to the exterior of your home, rodents might still be living in the walls or spaces between the ground and your house. 

Moreover, mice and rats can easily enter your house through holes in garbage cans. These rodents can chew right through plastic trash containers. Also, they are attracted to leftover foods on counters and the food bowls of your pets. So, they may gnaw on containers they find nearby including rotting wood and wires. 

Getting Rid of Rodents

Some of the methods used for eliminating rodents are glue traps, traditional traps, using pets, and sealing your home off. But these traps will only get rid of a few rodents. Professional pest control is still the best way to handle a rodent infestation. Pest control experts employ methods that get to the cause of the issue. This helps you avoid future infestations.  To prevent contact with rodents, experts recommend eliminating the sources of food and water as well as items that offer these pets shelter. 

By Daniel Stark
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