Light Wallpaper Vs. Dark Wallpaper: Which One You Should Go For?

Choosing the right wallpaper color can be a daunting task. This is something that can’t be ignored. With only the correct colors, you can make your room looks elegant. One of the questions that people frequently ask is whether they should go for light color wallpapers or dark color wallpapers. If you are among those then you’ve reached right there as we’ve gathered a lot of information regarding these two color groups. So, let’s get started;

Light Wallpaper Colors

Since color can alter the environment of any room, it should be the right choice. Light color wallpapers can make a room look more welcoming, brighter, and spacious. Pastel is one of the popular sub-categories of light-colored wallpapers and it includes an exclusive range of colors like pink, green, blue, purple, and much more. Neutral is another good category of light-colored wallpapers and it includes taupe, white, gray, and beige type colors.

Dark Wallpaper Colors

Dark wallpaper colors on the other hand create an opposite effect of light wallpaper colors. With brighter-colored wallpapers, your room will become cozy, enclosed, and smaller. It is wise to choose dark wallpaper colors for a larger space. Black, dark brown, dark gray, and dark taupe are some of the popular choices you can consider. Just like light neutrals, the versatility of neutral colors is unbeatable.

Comparing Dark Wallpapers vs. Light Wallpapers

It’s only the color that can transform the look of your space. We’ve got you covered with a brief summary of what each color can add to your space. Even though it is just a generalization, it can help you a lot in deciding the perfect color wallpaper.

Light Colors

  • Light pink: floral, soft, sincere, sophistication
  • Light orange: energizing, refreshing, sociability, bravery
  • Light red: sassy, creative
  • Light blue: lighthearted, optimistic, peace, calmness
  • Light yellow: cheery, welcoming, friendliness, happy, cooling
  • Light green: refreshing, organic, natural, life, relaxing
  • Light red: creative, sassy
  • Light gray: contemporary, sophisticated, maturity
  • Light purple: floral, artistic, royalty

Dark Colors

  • Dark gray: dramatic, mysterious, grunge, the strength of character
  • Dark orange: original, eccentric
  • Dark red: emotional, romantic, dramatic, passion, excitement
  • Dark blue: classy, royal, confident, affection
  • Dark yellow: sophisticated, classy, cheerful, energy
  • Dark pink: energetic, flirty, romance
  • Dark green: enigmatic, classic, growth
  • Dark purple: elegant, regal, luxurious, dignity

Whether you are a big fan of dark colors to create a more intimate room or want to create a spacious feeling using light colors, both of these color groups have their own features and benefits. Compared to lighter colors, bright color wallpapers demand attention; it’s the first thing you do after entering any room. And when it comes to versatility, light colors are more versatile as they can look perfect in both small and large room sizes. It is recommended to keep in mind your room’s interior before selecting wallpaper. What is the size of your room? What kind of light is there? What kind of aesthetic do you want to create in your room? All these factors should be considered!

By admin
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