Introducing the Tall Wine Fridge for the Latest Addition to Your Kitchen Decor

The Empv 70″ Double Zone Wine Cooler Refrigerator is a state of art wine cooler. This tall wine fridge will be the ultimate addition to your kitchen decor and will give you a perfect drinking experience.

Description of the wine fridge

This classic and elegant wine cooler refrigerator is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Featuring an interior capacity of 24 bottles, it keeps your favorite bottles and glasses at their ideal temperature while also providing ample space for everything else. The cabinets come painted white with a flat black trim, while each door features two glass shelves and an integrated wine rack that doubles as a built-in appliance deterrent.

The wine coolers and refrigerators are designed to efficiently cool and preserve your wines and beers without creating odors or watering down the flavors. With this wine cooler, you can place your favorite beverages on the top rack, while the bottom rack is perfect for storing ice and more. Its spacious interior holds up to 30 bottles of wine or 12 bottles of beer and has a frost-free refrigerator so your cold beverages stay colder longer.


The Empava WC08D Dual Zone Wine Cooler 70″ Tall Wine Fridge is an elegant and stylish addition to your home. With its striking design and stainless-steel finish, this wine cooler will complement any décor – be it classic or modern. It offers two separate zones, enabling you to store up to three bottles of wine at once and with plenty of storage space for any other drinks you may wish to keep chilled. The easy-clean interior lining and locking doors ensure you can enjoy your favorite wine coolness all year round thanks to the built-in thermostat up to -18C degrees, which allows the cooler to work quietly when empty.

Special offerings

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This wine refrigerator from Empava is a modern premium model with stacked chillers that deliver superior ice and energy efficiency. The Fridge also features reversible shelves to quickly access your favorite bottles again and again. A spacious interior holds up to 20 standard bottles or up to 2 White Wine Cases, so you can enjoy chilled reds and whites whenever you like.

By Clare Louise
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