Installing Solar Panels in Sacramento & Is it Worth It in Long-Run?

Introduction –

One of the great places where you can go solar is none other than the Sacramento. People are mostly using the SMUD as their utility. Another thing, that you ought to note is that SMUD consists of high prices/rates, that help make an investment in solar great. The most pivotal incentive to install Sacramento solar panels is the 26% federal tax credit. However, the tax credit has gone down to 22% at the end of 2020. It means that, in order to increase your savings possibilities, the best time to switch to solar in Sacramento is now. Let’s look at the present solar incentives and tax credits available in Sacramento. The first is net metering. The NEM 2.0 policy in California for net metering will only apply to some main investors-owned utilities like that of PGE, SDG&E, SCE.  It will not apply to SMUD clients.

Net Metering & 30% Tax Credits –

The SMUD electric clients/customers who have an interconnected solar system can now be eligible for a different net metering policy. You can check online for SMUD’s net metering policy. Next, let’s look at the 30% federal solar tax credit here. The most pivotal incentive to do the installation of the solar panels for businesses and home is the federal tax credit. At present, the federal tax credit is equivalent to 30% of the total cost for installation of solar system. The amount of tax credit will then be minus from your federal taxes. Also, another thing, you ought to know is that, you can get credit over many years, if the amount that you owe in taxes is less than the amount of your tax credit.

Taking Benefits of Tax Credit –

You can only take the benefit of the federal tax credit, if you are paying federal income taxes. Also, till the end of 2032, the amount of tax credit will fall or come down up to 26%. Even though, there is no hurry to get the maximum tax credit value, you mostly don’t want to wait, when it comes to fiscal investment like solar panel installation. So, the best time to switch to solar is now. Many people are there, who have this query like how much they can save with solar panels installed at homes. So, the answer to this question will depend on the electricity usage. The higher your usage of electricity, the great is the possibility of savings from installing solar. In California, the average monthly electric usage is around 547Kwh per month. However, it is possible that, you are using much more than this, as this average comprises of small condos and apartments too.

Solar Panel Savings Calculator –

The Sacramento solar panel savings calculator uses the database of the current prices or rates from local utilities to transform your monthly power bill into how much current your house uses. From there, the savings calculator will work out how many solar panels will you require to offset your power usage, and how much solar system will cost depending on the cost of local solar firms, & the amount of cash you will save on your current (electric) bill. If you are thinking, whether solar panels are worth it in Sacramento, then let me tell you that, solar panels have fallen in cost by more than 80% in the past 10 years. Plus, in 2023, they also stay subsidized by the 30% federal tax credit and net metering law – which makes them an excellent choice for investment. Besides, they are offering a return that is above the long-term average return from both the property investment and share market.

By Clare Louise
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