Innovative Flyscreens For Modern Windows

Clunky fly and insect screens hamper your home’s aesthetics, but today, you can check out the innovative screens. They combine style and functionality, keeping pesky insects away while seamlessly integrating into your windows and doors. 

Premier Screens is your go-to solution for innovative and exciting fly screens for windows & doors. Explore some exciting pest screen advancements that will enhance your home and business.

Retractable – For unobstructed view

Those prioritizing a clean, uncluttered look can check out the retractable screens. They operate like roller blinds with fine mesh housed in a discreet cassette. When needed, roll out the screen and enjoy insect protection. When you don’t need it, the screen disappears, leaving your windows unobstructed and connecting you visually to the outdoors. 

Retractable screens are suitable for frequently used windows like patio doors or balconies. You can seamlessly move between indoor and outdoor spaces. You can choose from various colours and even sizes for easy customization to blend with the frames.

Pleated – For Elegance

Pleated fly screens offer soft aesthetics in comparison to their retractable counterparts. It involves a pleated mesh that folds and unfolds along a track system. They are easy to operate because relatively less tension is needed to open and close, especially for kids or older family members. 

Pleated screens have a sleek modern design that seamlessly integrates within your existing window or door frame. It is ideal for contemporary homes, where clean lines and organized spaces are a priority. 

Magnetic – Fuss-free solution

Magnetic fly screens are a convening solution if you are a tenant. A mesh panel with magnets placed strategically directly attaches to the metal framework of the windows or doors. Hold the screen in place, and the magnet will do the rest. They are ideal for temporary use or windows with a unique shape. Besides, they are easy to remove and convenient to clean. 

Pet screen solutions – Durable

Fly screens are a challenge to pet owners. The traditional mesh easily gets punctured or ripped by claws. Pet screens address this concern with a more durable and robust mesh material. High-quality polyester or fibreglass is used. 

It can handle the most enthusiastic scratching. Besides, some pet screens are designed with reinforced frames to provide extra sturdiness. Pet owners can enjoy the benefits of open windows peacefully because this level of innovation won’t get damaged by their furry companions.

Specialty screens – beyond bugs

Specialty screens cater to specific needs and environmental concerns. 

  • Pollen screens use a finer mesh to block pollen particles efficiently. It offers relief to allergy sufferers. 
  • Fire-resistant screens offer an extra protection layer to areas prone to wildlife fire.
  • Solar screens reflect sunlight and help to regulate indoor temperature and reduce energy consumption. 

What to consider while choosing a flyscreen?

You will need to consider –

  • Functionality – Do you prioritize invisibility when the door or window is not in use [retractable], or do you want ease of operation [pleated]? 
  • Window style – Consider your window type to ensure the chosen screen’s operating mechanism is compatible.
  • Aesthetics – Do you prefer a minimalist look [Pleated] or a wholly hidden appearance [retractable]?
  • Specific needs – If you have allergies or a pet, consider specialized screens that resolve those concerns.


Retractable screens offer space-saving convenience, while the pleated design is safe and user-friendly. Specific need screens address your health and pet concerns. Consider your priorities to find an ideal window fly screen to keep pests away while enjoying the outdoor view and fresh air. 

By Erick Johns
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