How to Increase the Longevity of Kitchen Cabinets?

In order to make the kitchens appealing and functional, we often opt for cabinets. For this, we choose perfect styles and colors to suit our decor and end up not maintaining them enough. As a result, the durability of the cabinets is affected, which eventually impacts their functionality too. Since they are one of the costliest parts of the kitchen, it is important to maintain them in the right ways. And, here are a few ways of doing it effectively.

Set up a cleaning schedule

If you really want to upkeep the cabinets, you should follow a regular cleaning schedule. It is the key to keeping the cabinets dust-free and appealing. You might easily forget this important chore and hence it is wise to add it in your calendar or to-do list. Plan to clean your cabinets and wardrobes once every couple of weeks. Do it thoroughly and do not miss any spot.

Choose proper tools

Your cabinets are the focal point of your kitchen. The entire decor and appeal of the kitchen will be ruined if the cabinets face even the smallest of scratches. You can avoid this by choosing the right tools for cleaning. Soft cloth and brushes are the ideal picks for cleaning them. Try avoiding the abrasive cleaning liquids, tough brushes, scouring pads or the metal scrubbers.

Start at the top

Always start cleaning the cabinets from the top. It will not only make your job easier but faster too. If you start with the lower ones first, dirt and grime from the top ones will again fall on the lower parts when you clean them. Even if your cabinets extend up to the ceiling, try using ladders or brushes with long handles. You can also use small hand-held vacuums to make the job easier.

Do not forget about the handles and grooves

Handles and grooves are the spots where dust settles pretty easily. And since we do not focus a lot on these areas, you will find them very dirty even for simple dusting methods to remove it. Hence, whenever you are up for the cleaning job, do not forget to clean the cabinet hardware as well. To make it easier, try dipping brushes in soft cleaning solvents and rub around the hard-to-reach places.

In this regard, Kitchen Wholesalers cabinets come with instruction and maintenance manual, which will help in extending your cabinets’ life.

By admin
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