How to Find a Trustworthy Pool Service: Best Options for You

You’ve made up your mind to build a pool from scratch or renovate your current one. You may spend a few hundred dollars or more than a few thousand. Have you finished all you needed to? The first thing you should find out is who you will be working with and how long they have been in operation. Due to the prevalence of “fly by night” and “one pole” pool builders aiming to scam homeowners out of their money and vanish without a trace, it’s important to do your homework before committing to a local pool builder. If you stick to the rules, you won’t have to worry about making a huge mistake that will cost you a lot of money and prevent you from reaching your goals. Never hire a company without first learning as much as possible about them and reading the contract thoroughly. Keep in mind that cost shouldn’t always be your first priority:

Put a simple enquiry to any pool builder you’re considering hiring

When did they initially begin offering their services to the public? If you come into possession of such details, look into their history. Find out whether they have rebranded under a new name, moved to a new location, or altered their contact information in any way, including the number you use to reach them. No ethical company would act this way, and it begs the question: what are they hiding? This is a major red flag indicating they are not likely to be reliable and truthful. You can select the pool builders in fort worth in these cases.

Locate the owners and investigate them thoroughly

Check their company’s or owner’s name on Google. The secretary of state database also allows you to do searches by owner, official, or other party names. Use resources including court records, municipal licencing board files, and insurance company files. You should proceed with care if they have already filed for bankruptcy.

Verify your sources.

When did the firm first start advertising these positions? A broad and thorough list of references is something you should be able to get from any professional group. Those pools shouldn’t have been left unfinished for more than a year. When most of the references are from out of town or older than two years, it should raise red flags. Either they are not building enough pools to establish credibility, or the pools they are building are of poor quality, leading to few satisfied customers.

You shouldn’t put all your trust in internet review sites.

It would be all too easy for a shady company to ‘pad’ these ratings in order to give the impression that they are doing well. The BBB has similar requirements for membership: a fee must be paid before a business may join. You will lose your accreditation with the BBB if you do not pay these fees, and then the BBB will be no different from any other review website. Many other online resources are also more reliable than Guild Quality.

Be wary of the landscapers!

Landscapers can only perform what their job title suggests; they cannot build pools. I was curious as to the number of pools they’ve installed. When it comes to the building or renovation of your pool, you shouldn’t use anybody who isn’t an expert in the field.

By Clare Louise
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