Home Design Ideas for Small Homes

We had seen the impact of the pandemic on our daily lives. As we stayed at home to stop the spread of COVID-19, it also pushed us to rethink how our homes are used in our everyday lives today. These home design ideas can help you update the look of your home through Georgina Renovations.

One design tip is to use delicate, soft lilac color in your home design. This soft purple color is trendy in interior design, which is also an excellent match for velvet and metallic finishes, creating a sophisticated and glamorous look. Another home design option is incorporating a compact, efficient work nook into a small space. You can maximize your living space for school or work productivity with a work nook at home.

Many homeowners want more flexibility in design options for their home renovations Toronto. Queen murphy beds and nesting side tables are some great additions to your home’s furniture that can offer flexibility and storage solutions.

Aside from flexible designs for a small home, you may also opt for furniture pieces that serve multiple purposes. You can choose a table that also functions as a desk and dining table or a sofa that can double as a guest bed to help maximize a limited home space.

For more details about home design ideas that are perfect for small homes, here is an infographic provided by TRO Canada.

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