Glass Tabletop Shopping: What To Keep In Mind

Whether you’re a new homeowner or looking for ways to update your space, shopping for ultra-modern glass tabletops can be the first step to an aesthetically pleasing home. These additions are statement pieces in themselves, but are easily adaptable to almost any type of interior design. And at Glenn Innes Glass, our range of exclusive designs will add the stylish touch that you are looking for. Contact us to start browsing.

When browsing through different styles, suppliers, and even price ranges, there are a few other considerations to keep in mind. These will affect your final decision and ensure you find the glass tabletop ideal for your home, and budget.


It is the less glamorous side of shopping to furnish your home, but drawing up a budget can be key to finding the glass tabletop of your dreams. People make the mistake of assuming that custom work will always come with a hefty price tag. But this is not always the case.

Factory-made tabletops might come in at a cheaper price, but that does not necessarily translate to reasonable quality and design. In fact, some end up with pieces that are just a waste of money.

Therefore, when putting together your budget, we advise you to reach out for a quotation from us at Glenn Innes Glass first. We can help you gauge the market right now, give you a competitive comparison, and ensure you have a realistic base to work off when budgeting for your glass tabletop.


After settling on a budget to work from, you can move on to picking designs and pieces that work for you. While style is one aspect, another component of choosing a tabletop that many dismiss is its functionality.

For most, they are simply looking for a tabletop that will function well as a table. But does that include the space it will reside in? Have you thought about whether you will be using it in the dining room or lounge? For eating purposes, it’s best to consider tempered glass. In this instance, thick glass provides a solid foundation for heavier dishes and helps distribute heat more evenly, so you do not end up with a spontaneous explosion of glass.

If you intend on using your glass tabletop in an outdoor setting, say your patio or open pool house, you will need a few additional safeguards in place. These include UV-resistant coatings, tempered glass, or even laminated options, depending on the surrounding environment.


While we have beautiful summers and cool winters in New Zealand, it is important to factor in climate in your final decision. Coastal areas can encourage salt corrosion, which is why you should choose a tempered glass option. Additionally, these types of regions are more susceptible to wind, which can make your glass tabletops more vulnerable to tipping over.

If you reside in a colder area, tempered glass can still be used because it can regulate temperature fluctuations more effectively than non-coated glass. But if you are still unsure of what is the best fit for your home and area because of the climate, it’s a good idea to speak to us at Glenn Innes Glass. With our years of experience, we can give you expert advice to ensure you make a valuable investment.


When you work with a professional and industry-forward company like Glenn Innes Glass, you can be sure that we will tailor our work to your design needs. We will bring our industry experience, give you insight into the latest trends, and help you find a glass tabletop that matches your home’s interior successfully.

Design can be exciting but also overwhelming. You may find yourself stuck between a popular style and a more timeless option. We always encourage our clients to think of their home as a whole. What does your home feel like? Are your pieces more functional, modern, or leaning towards a classic look? Would your tabletop enhance the space or be an eyesore?[CTA] With all of this in mind, we hope that you now have a clearer vision of what types of glass tabletops you are interested in. With our superb craftsmanship, exceptional service, and reputable brand, we are ready to start designing your ideal fit today. Speak to us today to find out more about our range of customised glass tabletops.

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