Furniture Pest Control – The Useful Tips & Remedies

Furniture Pest Control – The Useful Tips & Remedies

Drywood termites can penetrate deeply into your wooden furniture pest control and start eating it. The most common signs of termite infestation are mud tubes on the walls, traces of powdered wood around different parts of your wooden furniture, and a hollow sound when you tap on it. Therefore, it is very important to do furniture pest control to keep it protected from harmful termites.

Professional Furniture Pest Control Must Be Done Once Or Twice A Year

One of the best ways to protect your wooden furniture from termites is by getting periodic furniture pest control done, at least once or twice a year. Whenever you see termite infestation in your home, bring a professional furniture pest control exterminator who will do fumigation to combat the issue. If you don’t have enough budget to hire professionals, simply buy anti-termite chemicals from a reputable store and apply it to your wooden furniture. However, you may need to handle such chemicals carefully as they are very poisonous.

7 Homemade Tips & Remedies For Furniture Pest Control

Keep Your Wooden Furniture Protected from Moisture

One of the best tips for furniture pest control is to avoid your furniture from moisture. You can do so by cleaning your furniture with a dry microfiber cloth instead of water. Furthermore, ensure that there is always good ventilation in your house to get rid of excess moisture because damp wooden furniture is the ideal place for termites to thrive. Another way to keep your wooden furniture termite-free is to never place it outdoors as termites can canter the furniture directly from the soil.

Use Termite-Resistant Wood Polish

Another great tip for furniture pest control is to use a wood polish with termite-resistant features. These type of polishes preserves the wood from termites while providing a glossy finish.

Expose the Infected Furniture to Sunlight

Have termites affected your wooden furniture badly? Then expose it to strong sunlight for at least a couple of days. It is only the sunlight that cannot only dry your furniture completely but also kill the termites.

Apply Aloe Vera Gel

Rubbing your wooden furniture with natural aloe vera gel creates a thick barrier for the termites so they can’t enter your furniture.

Mix Olive Oil and Vinegar

Prepare a solution by mixing one-part white vinegar and four parts olive oil and apply it evenly on the furniture. This will help repel the termites.

Apply Natural Oil

One of the best home remedies for furniture pest control is the use of natural oils like neem and orange oil. The compound d-limonene in orange oil can kill termites. Continue applying the neem oil until the termite colonies are completely destroyed.

Spray Borax Solution

Add a spoonful of borax powder to 250 ml warm water, whisk well, and spray directly onto the termite-infested part. Do not forget to wear a mask before spraying as borax releases harmful gases.

So, these are just some of the useful tips and tricks of furniture pest control. Your furniture is one of the significant investments, so ensure it stays perfect every time!

By Daniel Stark
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