Floor tiles – All you need to know

Floor tiles are an important element of your new house or if you are renovating your space. With so many options available in the market today, it is difficult to determine which tiles to go for. Before choosing the tiles for your home try to visit a few stores and understand the kind of products available in the market and which tiles are best suited for which rooms. For example – a kitchen will need a specific type of tile that can withstand wear and tear, spills, splashes, stains, etc. Therefore, before investing a lot of money in floor tiles try to visit a reputed tile store and learn more about them.

Everything to know about floor tiles from Ceramique au Sommet

  • Select the material: There are abundant styles and types of tiles selling in the market today. Selecting the right material for the right area of your home is essential. Some of the popular tile materials that are extensively used by people for their characteristics are – vitrified tiles, porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, Moroccan tiles, and handcrafted cement tiles. Natural stone tiles, terracotta tiles, etc. You can also put up tiles in the outdoor seating area. Based on your requirement, select the material. For example – never use polished tiles in bathrooms as it can lead to slip and fall accidents. For rustic exterior decor, you can use terracotta tiles. 
  • Select the right color: Selecting the right color and texture can be quite overwhelming with so many modern and exquisite designs in the market. Always choose floor tiles that will complement the wall color palette and the interior decor of your home. The color theme and pattern can vary for some areas like the kitchen, bathroom, balcony, terrace, and the outdoors. For interiors, always try to choose light-colored tiles that will make your house look spacious. 
  • Choose the right tile size: When planning to invest in floor tiles, make sure to decide for which area what will be the tile size. For larger rooms, large tiles with less visible joint lines will make the room look spacious and proportionate. For spaces like the kitchen and bathroom, smaller tiles are great. For medium-sized rooms, vitrified tiles are a great option. 
  • Select the finish: The finish of the floor tiles also makes a big difference in how your house looks. Glazed tiles with a high-reflective finish are great for small spaces as they make the space look larger and best to be used in bedrooms and living areas. 

Floor tiles enhance the look of your room. Therefore, when making such a huge investment ensure to make the right choices and visit a reputed tile store to meet all your needs. 

By Clare Louise
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