Five Ways To Use 6×9 Rugs Within Your Home’s Décor! 

Home décor is always unique, and this is partly because every home has specific architectural parameters that need to be taken into account while decorating. And when it comes to area rugs and flooring designs, it can easily seem like you only have a few options of common sizes to choose between. 

This is one reason why 6×9 rugs have become so popular in recent years, because they’re a happy medium between the smaller and larger rug sizes that largely dominate the industry. Below we’ll be detailing how you can use 6×9 rugs within your home’s décor, which will include measuring tips and common household uses for this increasingly popular area rug size! 

Tips For Measuring A Room For A New 6×9 Rug 

Before purchasing a new 6×9 area rug, it’s important to make sure that your desired space will aesthetically fit this rug size. In order to measure your room for a new area rug, you’ll need measuring tape, painter’s tape and a pen. 

Here are some measuring tips to keep in mind as you’re preparing for a new 6×9 rug:

  • Place your room’s furniture precisely how you’d want it to be.
  • If you’re thinking of placing your new 6×9 rug in your dining room, pull out each chair to simulate someone sitting down—and make sure that you leave enough space for the pulled-out chairs to still be on top of your new rug. 
  • For living room rugs, arrange your furniture as you normally would.
  • Frame the prospective rug area with painter’s tape.
  • Make sure that all of your sitting area’s furniture will touch the allotted rug area. 
  • Measure out this prospective rug area with measuring tape, and verify that it’s in fact 6×9. 

Common Uses For 6×9 Rugs 

One great aspect of 6×9 rugs is that they’re rectangular, which makes them a great size for typical living room, outdoor seating and bedroom areas. There are many different aesthetic layout factors that rug shoppers need to consider while they’re shopping for new area rugs, but this is also supposed to be a fun part of your home décor shopping that showcases your personality and unique taste. 

Some common uses for 6×9 rugs include the following: 

Rug Layering 

Rug layering is a very popular trend among professional interior designers and home décor enthusiasts, and this trend essentially pertains to layering smaller area rugs on top of larger ones to create a unique visual aesthetic and flooring texture for any room. 

Layering is an awesome way to express your personality through your area rugs, and what’s great is that you’ll likely develop a 100% unique flooring design that no one will find anywhere else but your home. This is why you should experiment and consider many options while browsing for 6×9 rugs and smaller rugs online, because keeping your options open will ultimately point you in the right direction toward your best rug combinations! 

Smaller Living Rooms 

6×9 area rugs are also a great option for homes that have relatively smaller living rooms. A lot of homes will likely require a larger area rug size for this space, but there are plenty of properties in which 6×9 is the perfect size to accommodate living room areas. 

It’s also generally recommended to place a medium-pile rug in these household spaces, because this will give you the best of both worlds in terms of comfort and long-term durability. Living rooms are often a high-traffic area within homes, so keeping your new 6×9 rug’s pile in mind will go a long way when you’re making these home décor investments! 

Sitting Areas 

Sunrooms and other sitting areas are also great places for 6×9 rugs, and placing an area rug in these areas will help out a lot when it comes to providing more comfort and a cozier ambience. 

A lot of people will use their sitting areas for quieter activities like reading, so placing a comfy rug in this type of space will build a more welcoming and relaxing energy. 

Outdoor Seating Areas 

Outdoor seating areas have become very popular in recent years, and many homeowners are now using these types of outdoor spaces as an extra living room. When you’re interested in placing a 6×9 rug in this type of space, you’ll want to follow the same preparation steps as you would with an indoor living space. 

Just be sure to place an outdoor rug in these spaces that can withstand the elements, because this will make for a better overall home décor investment. 


6×9 rugs tend to be the perfect size for bedrooms, and you’ll of course have many different options when it comes to decorating this cozier part of your home. Many people will place high-pile rugs in their bedrooms to increase underfoot warmth during the morning and evening hours. 

Just make sure that your new 6×9 rug properly fits around the foot of your bed, and gives you a warm landing spot along the sides of your bed as well. 

Contact Rug Source To Learn More About Their Vast Selection Of 6×9 Rugs! 

There’s a lot to love about 6×9 rugs and how they could fit within your home’s décor, and the best thing rug shoppers can do is work directly with industry experts while making their final investment decisions.

One of the best online rug outlets in the United States is Rug Source Inc., and their team can be reached when you check out the link to their website at the top of this page! 

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