Difference Synthetic Grass VS Natural Grass 

When you think of upgrading your home landscaping, searching for the best lawn might be your initial step. Since the visual aesthetic of your outdoor space matters, ensuring that it is attractive is needed. 

When it comes to lawns, there are two alternatives to select from so, your home’s garden can achieve a fresh and enticing look. It is either natural turf or synthetic turf that has unique features and installation processes. But of course, considering the practical factors such as the continual costs, maintenance, and sustainability of the lawn are crucial to secure a hassle-free and convenient purchase.

As a homeowner, deciding which lawns are the best for your residential area can be a challenge. To help you, we gathered the difference between real grass and artificial grass based on their facets.

Total maintenance procedure

For natural grass, fertilizing, mowing, and aeration have to perform to preserve the lushly green look of the lawn. Since real turf has a seeding and sodding process, it takes time to grow, and it needs regular maintenance to secure its greenery texture. 

On the other hand, artificial grass installation requires minimal maintenance that includes only a quick watering and brushing to rinse down any mud or pet waste to sustain its soft and fluffy texture. Cleaning of synthetic turf can perform every other month like the applying of odor control. Because it is fake grass, seasonal issues like drought can’t damage its actual glow from the pile height to color.

Water Usage 

For natural grass to keep fresh, frequent watering is necessary as the planting of seeds needs water requirement to grow faster and healthy. Typical consumption of water can range from about 150,000 gallons a year for a lawn to stay freshly-looking.

In artificial grass, the watering of the lawn can perform when there is pet waste and specks of dirt that need removal, and it will require a quick rinse of water.


Natural turf has a variety of species that differs from color, blades, and even seasonal growth. For the warm season, Bermuda, Kikuyu, or Buffalo is the sought-after type of grass, and it has unique textures that are good but need of high level of care to remain lushly. 

In contrast, the best artificial grass has different styles, dimensions, color, that looks like natural grass and does not require persistent care because it is sturdy and long-lasting.

Both synthetic and natural grass is viable for your residential space. However, considering the financial or sustainable resources is important. 

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