Calacatta Quartz Kitchen Countertops: What Make Them a Worthwhile Investment

Calacatta quartz worktops are beautiful, unique stone slabs that can transform a kitchen. Calacatta showcases a bright white background that has prominent veining. It can improve your kitchen counters’ appeal.  Overall, it provides a sophisticated look and works perfectly well with any kitchen theme. 

Choosing quartz calacatta from Granite au Sommet means you do not need to compromise between appearance and durability. The material is a long-term investment that lets you have it all. With the many benefits of this material, the toughest decision you must make is the design you opt for. 

Reasons Calacatta Quartz Countertops are Famous

Calacatta quartz is known for its class and elegance, which make it a desired countertop material. Quartz has temperature and stain resistance as well as durability. Because of this, it can effectively withstand wear and tear. Also, it can be tailored to match your kitchen theme. 

Picking Calacatta countertops that have exquisite designs will make your kitchen attractive and well-visited. It provides your kitchen and its adjacent spaces with a classy touch. Also, it lets you enjoy the feel and look of marble countertops. And unlike marble or granite, it doesn’t have to be sealed, which makes it simple to maintain. 

Kitchen Designs That Have Calacatta Quartz Countertops

Here are some ideas on how calacatta quartz countertops can be incorporated into your kitchen design:

  • Calacatta quartz countertop in a wood kitchen. Your kitchen can feature an island that has a calacatta quartz countertop and wood-tone cabinets. The popularity of calacatta quartz countertops and cabinets has to do with their dramatic, rich appearance that complements season colors and wood tones. 
  • Calacatta quartz countertop in a grey kitchen.  Your countertop will dazzle in a grey kitchen, which features medium-grey lacquered finish cabinet doors. The veining of quartz shines out against the gray backdrop. The countertop is made for the opulent kitchen.
  • Calacatta quartz in a modern white kitchen. Calacatta quartz countertops can offer warmth to your home’s interior, creating a beautiful and pleasant atmosphere. The hues and patterns of the countertops will give drama to the kitchen with the simple hues that go perfectly with any kitchen décor. 

Choosing elegant, durable, and high-quality calacatta quartz has been easier these days than it was before. Reputable suppliers can provide you with a collection of quartz stones that can win the hearts of anyone who visits your home. The right supplier can help you make the right choice that complements your existing kitchen design and theme. 

By Kenneth Sanabria
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