7 Tips to Maintain an Efficient Household

First of all, how do you define an efficient home? According to experts, when these elements are present, then the home can be considered efficient:

  • controlled ventilation,
  • high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment that are of the right size,
  • windows, doors and appliances that are energy-efficient and above all,
  • a properly built and firmly sealed thermal envelope.

Even pool pumps can contribute to the efficiency of a home. If you have no idea what a thermal envelope is, here’s a clear definition from the experts.

A thermal envelope is any structure that separates the air inside from the air outside of the house. The main purpose of having a thermal envelope is to prevent the transfer of heat inside the home to the outside during winter and the other way around during summer.

Examples of thermal envelopes are outside doors, windows, outer walls, floors and the insulation. If your house already has those features mentioned above, the next question to ask would be, “how do you maintain the efficiency of your home?”

Below are what the experts in heating and plumbing systems suggest so that you’ll be able to enjoy that efficiency for a long time.

Ways to Maintain an Efficient Household

  1. Switch to a tankless water heater – According to the experts in hot water system replacement Sydney locals rely on, using a high efficiency heater like a tankless water heater can lessen your water heating bills every month.
  2. Replace old lighting – If you’re still using incandescent bulbs in the house, better replace them with CFLs and LED lighting as these are energy efficient and have been tested to decrease energy use in households by 50-75%
  3. Switch to double pane windows – Use windows that are double pane and with low emissivity since these are said to minimise cooling and heating costs, and interestingly, lessen outside noise, too.
  4. Upgrade to certified appliances – If you’re still keeping those old models that are more than ten years old, better upgrade to Certified Energy Star model appliances. Energy Star is a largely accepted and trusted label found on products that have passed strict energy requirements and are touted to save money and energy but without sacrificing performance. In Australia, the following appliances have the energy rating labels on them: TVs, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, dishwashers, clothes washers, clothes dryers and even computer monitors. This means that these products are all certified as energy-efficient.
  5. Insulate your home – If you want a more comfortable, quieter place, insulate your home and you’ll see how your cooling and heating energy costs go down.
  6. Use a solar thermal system – For heating water and your home in general, optimise the power of the sun.
  7. Put up solar panels – Experts in Sydney attest to the effectiveness of solar panels in lowering energy costs as well as reducing dependence on fossil fuel. On top of that, you’d be spared from skyrocketing electricity rates.

Not only can an efficient home give you peace of mind and quiet living. More importantly, it gives you savings and in your little way, you contribute to a healthy environment, too.

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