4 Pipe Problems That Urgently Need a Licensed Plumber

There’s no escaping plumbing issues, no matter how old or new your house is. It’s a fact of life that any homeowner will have to face at least one plumbing problem, with a few being simple enough to warrant DIY repair work. However, you shouldn’t get ahead of yourself and try to fix every issue you come across. More complicated repairs should be left to a professional.

Before you call a licensed plumber in Hurstville for what you think is an emergency, though, take a step back and take another look at the problem. Some issues can wait, while others are extremely urgent. You wouldn’t want to pay extra for repair work that could have been left for later, after all, nor do you want to end up paying more because you waited too long to schedule repairs. That said, here are the top pipe and plumbing issues that call for emergency work.

Water pooling below your water heater

When you check your water heater and see that there are pools of water forming under it, don’t wait until the pools get bigger before you call a professional. Water heaters age, too, just like any appliance, and when they do, cracks tend to form. Left alone for long enough, this could lead to burst pipes, which is an even bigger plumbing problem. Because repairing the cracks is a stopgap measure at best, you’ll want to look for a plumber who can drain the water heater and then replace it.

Burst or broken pipes

As mentioned above, burst pipes are a big plumbing problem. Not only does a broken or burst pipe affect your plumbing system’s efficiency, but water is pouring out of that pipe, increasing the amount of water damage you could find yourself facing, not to mention adding onto your monthly water bill. If you want to prevent as much water damage as possible and ensure you won’t have to pay for the water that would come out of a burst pipe, make sure to call a plumber as soon as you spot signs that a pipe could be close to bursting or breaking.

Multiple clogged drains

While having more than one clogged drain at a time by itself isn’t a big plumbing emergency, you’ll want to get to the phone if there’s a bad smell every time you turn on a tap. Unpleasant odours in addition to drains being clogged are signs of a faulty sewer system. Not only is this issue one that’s inconvenient, but it can be a hazard to your health, too. Waiting too long could also compound the cost, so it’s in your and your family’s best interest to call a plumber as soon as possible.

An overflowing toilet

Sometimes, an overflowing toilet is just a sign of a clogged drain, so fixing this could be as simple as snaking the drain to unclog it. However, there’s also a possibility that there’s a problem with the septic tank or with the sewer line that’s preventing water from flowing normally down the toilet and through the pipes. That’s why it’s important that you call a plumber, so they can pinpoint the cause and make the necessary repairs.

There are other possible problems you could face that call for urgent plumbing work, but these are the more serious or else the more common ones. It’s a good idea to keep a list of numbers to call somewhere you can easily spot them, so that if you experience any of the issues above, you don’t have to waste time looking for an emergency plumber in Hurstville and the surrounding areas.

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