2 wonderful additions to take your kitchen to the next level 

Renovating a kitchen is an art: It extends way past the color of your curtains or the stickers that you think look beautiful. It’s about the cabinets you install and the countertops you pick. 

This article has been specially curated for people who understand the value of renovating a kitchen space in the right manner. 

Ready to explore the basics as they’ve never been explained before? Dive right in!

Kitchen renovation the right way

#1. Kitchen countertops 

Countertops are absolute additions that can make the look of your kitchen and break it as well. Out of the many, many options that one sees in the market, the classiest (also the most affordable) would be granite, quartz, and marble. 

Whilst Granite and marble are natural stones, quartz is man-made. Every option has its own benefits. What you choose entirely depends on your taste. 

  1. Granite kitchen countertops: Granite is second to none when it comes to exclusivity, beauty, strength, and durability. Since it’s a natural stone, it brings alongside the happy feeling of having something that’s owned just by you. Yes, you read it just fine: no two blocks of any natural stone are ever the same. 
  2. Marble kitchen countertops: First of all, it’s an absolute myth that marble will chip and crack easily. What about the architectural marble marvels like the Taj Mahal that have survived the test of centuries? Marble is a cool stone. It resists heat, scratches, and is water-resistant too. 
  3. Quartz kitchen countertops: It’s not easy to challenge the beauty of real stones, but quartz is one of those very rare engineered materials that steals the show in many ways. It’s man-made; naturally, it takes in all the goodness of natural stones minus their negatives. Quartz is super strong, requires very little maintenance, and is available in a plethora of colors, shapes, textures, and whatnot!

#2. Kitchen Cabinets 

Adding the right custom-made kitchen cabinets would be one of the best decisions that you’ll take in a long time. The right cabinets can make the interiors look anything you want: rustic, contemporary, classic, country-side, modern, traditional, and transitional. 

When you have the right firms like Cuisines Rosemère in your corner, you’ll get help from the best designers and installation experts. The different options that’ll leave you breathless for certain include:

  • Exotic wood, solid wood, and wood veneer kitchen cabinets.
  • Lacquer and wood veneer kitchen cabinets. 
  • Similaques and polyester kitchen cabinets. 

Cabinets and countertops collectively will make your kitchen look nothing less than a designer kitchen. So, don’t hold back any longer. The renovation will be worth it!

By Daniel Stark
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